Pretty in Pink


ombre pink

Please excuse the photo bombers!

For those of you who are new to my blog, I wrote an entry on bleaching my hair. Basically, I am giving you an update about what happened next. Yes, I pursued the ombre pink look!

To be honest, I did two attempts. I always wanted a pastel pink hair so I tried to achieve that first.


I used La Riche Directions hair color in Carnation Pink. The store where I bought it from doesn’t have a pastel pink available. I bought mine for $12.64. Because the hair color is too dark, I decided to dilute it with conditioner.





First, I emptied a 180 ml cheap conditioner into a mixing container. I then smeared a teaspoon of the hair color into the conditioner and created a mixture that looks like this:



After mixing, I applied it on dry hair. I divided my hair first in 4 sections so I won’t leave out any strand. After applying it, I left it on my hair for 30 mins. I know the instructions said 15 mins, but I just wanted the hair color to fully sink in.

Here is the result:


Baby Spice anyone? I put it together with the other pictures for comparison.

After two weeks, the color faded so I reapplied the same hair color. This time, I didn’t dilute it with conditioner. I applied it straight from the pot.


I had it on for an hour before totally rinsing just to make sure.

Here is the final result (with a twist!). I am satisfied with this one even though it’s not really the pastel pink that I want.


Say hello to Homer!

ombre pink

There you go folks! I finally did it. After this, I will just let my hair grow the color out. I don’t know if I’ll make another hair changing move in the future. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think.


50 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. I love how it turned out in the end. I am going to be dying my hair a rich, deep purple next month and will be having a professional do it. I’m too scared to do it myself, like you’ve done. I don’t enough nerve to, haha, but glad you do!


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