The Art of Female Solo Travel

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A study by revealed that 72% of American women travel solo. While this concept still raises a few eyebrows, particularly in more traditional societies, it’s gaining a momentum and becoming increasingly popular particularly in an attempt to liberate and empower women to achieve a higher level of freedom and be in control of their lives. Female solo travel is a life-changing experience and there are lots of benefits that ladies who decide to take a leap of faith and hit the road towards unfamiliar destinations enjoy. But such a great adventure shouldn’t be taken lightly as it needs to be planned in great detail. Here are a few tips on what to pay attention to. Continue reading

BuyArigatō Brings You Harry Potter

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If you grew up around the 90’s and the early 2000’s, then I am pretty sure you have encountered the Harry Potter book and film franchise. Oh yes, the story about those kids who waved wands and rode flying brooms in Hogwarts. If you’re a fan of the franchise, then you have to check out this shop. Continue reading

5 Ways to Power Up Your Summer Wardrobe

5 Ways to Power Up Your Summer Wardrobe

If you haven’t started planning out your summer wardrobe a couple of weeks ago when we were introduced to a bit warmer weather, now it’s definitely high time you did that. Not only will you be traveling to exotic destinations in the blink of an eye, it’s also quite important to have everything ready once the scorching heat hits your city (you won’t be going out in your winter/spring clothes, will you?). If you spent hours thinking what the heck is different in the spring and summer wardrobe, you’re at a right place, as we will introduce the 5 ways to have the summer wardrobe of your dreams. Everything you need is right here, so take a look: Continue reading

Buda Vista Vacation House

Buda Vista Vacation House cover

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Have you ever thought of escaping the busy city life and taking refuge in a house close to nature? You know, where trees are abundant, birds are chirping, the sound of the gushing river is music to the ears. Well, this place might be for you. Continue reading